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Confirmation Lockets

Engraved Confirmation Lockets

These Engraved Lockets make great personal gifts for someone ones Confirmation. Available in either gold, white gold and sterling silver our Engraved Lockets can be engraved with a special messages or photo to make this gift truly personalized. Getting your photos to us is easy- simply upload them to our website, e-mail them to us, or use standard mail. Once we get them we will laser your photos right inside the Religious Jewelry locket. This laser process is unique and the result is that the Religious Jewelry is 100% waterproof and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Your search for someone to shrink your photos is over. Most of our lockets can fit 1-4 people on each side so you can be creative in which photos you want lasered in your Engraved Locket.

Ships Same or Next Day

Ships Same or Next Day

Ships Same or Next Day

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