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Sterling Silver Lockets in Irish Styles
Exclusive Award Winning Locket Jewelry Photo Insertion

All of our photo locket jewelry and our Sterling Silver Claddagh And Irish Lockets can be engraved with a photo inside. Let us insert your photos in your Claddagh And Irish locket. Upload, E-mail, Or Mail In your photos.
All Sterling Silver Claddagh photo lockets are able to hold paper photos or to be engraved
Monogram or message engraving up to 130 characters
Unique laser process leaves Claddagh And Irish lockets and photo locket jewelry 100% waterproof and scratchproof

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Irish Styles of Sterling Silver Lockets

Irish Sterling Silver Lockets are high quality with a nice polish and affordably priced. Like our other Irish and Claddagh lockets, our sterling silver lockets are made of high quality materials, you can feel the weight and the quality of these lockets. Sterling silver lockets are available in all the styles as our line of Irish gold lockets but are available for a fraction of the price while still remaining stunning and beautiful. Customize an Irish sterling silver locket with color photo lasering and engraving. Insert a picture of a couple, loved ones, pets, family or anything into a sterling silver locket to create personalized photo lockets. Cherish your Irish heritage or fascination in the Irish way with a sterling silver locket with the cloverleaf, Irish Cross, Celtic knot or Claddagh. Within the sterling silver locket awaits a lasered picture or custom engraved message.

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Our advanced machinery will imprint your photo permanently in full color. This process being the most detailed. You get a full photo quality image. For example: a person is wearing a blue shirt, you will actually see blue.
Our advanced machinery will imprint your photo in more of a black and white tone. Compare this process to more of a grey scale newspaper print.
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"WOW is what came to mind when I opened my box with my locket in it. Thank you so much for making caring and making what I could not find come true. The jet flying into the horizon into the "Sunset" completed my locket of my departed mother. She left for heaven in style and you made that visible. God Bless You all and have a wonderful "Chrismas."" -- Norma
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