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Jewelry Glossary

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The jewelry that best suits you needs to be selected by someone with all the terms. has compiled an authoritative jewelry glossary to help you pick the jewelry that is right for you.

Children's Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold Children's Cupid EarringJewelry designed for an age range of pre adolescent to teenager.


Three Leaf Clover CharmA charm is an ornamental pendant or trinket that is worn on a bracelet, necklace or earring.

Charm Bracelet

14k Yellow Gold Charm BraceletCharm bracelet is a link bracelet that charms are attached to.


Chains involve a number of connected loops, links, rings, or beads ordered one after the other. This is usually a beginning step in creating bracelets or necklaces.

Celtic Jewelry

CLADDAGH RING, s.10583Celtic Jewelry is jewelry special to Celtic religious and cultural icons and themes.

Graduation Jewelry

07' Custom Graduation Diploma Charm or PendantJewelry dedicated to graduation, which usually displays the school and date of graduation along with other memories connected to the special moment.

Sports Numbers Charms

Custom Football Helmet Pendant w/ Name & NumberCharms displaying a memorable sports/jersey number with or without a themed background.

Sports Jewelry

14K Houston Texans PendantThis jewelry special designed to convey support and pride in a specific sport or sporting team.

Signet Ring

14 K White Gents Signet Ring W/Brush Finished TopThis is a ring which is used as a stamp in order authenticate and sign documents can also be used to make a fashion statement.

Religious Jewelry

CROSS PENDANT W/DIAMOND, s.R41071Jewelry specifically designed to emulate and display a particular religious theme.

Photo Locket Watches

HourPowerVisala Apollo Noire on Moon WhitePhoto locket jewelry incorporated a meaningful picture into or even onto the watches itself.

Photo Jewelry

Pendants that have photos fused onto their surface, by way of a laser or ordinary adhesive.

Name Jewelry

14K Gold Name jewelry is jewelry fashioned specifically in the shape or incorporating a name either of a loved one or of the wearer them self.

Monogram Jewelry

14K Gold Ladies Signet Monogrammed RingMonogram jewelry fuses one's initials in the form of a signature image.

Medical Jewelry

14K WHITE GOLD MEDICAL ID PENDANTJewelry designed to convey specific medical information about wearer such as allergies or necessary medications.

Locket Jewelry

14k Premium Weight Yellow Gold Heart With Diamonds Picture LocketLockets are pendants that can open. They hold a variety of things like charms, photos, or other sentimental objects.

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