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Any Occasion
You are always
in my thoughts
Life is not measured
by the breaths we take
but by the moments that
take our breath away!
Thinking of you with
love today and always
Always hold me
close to your heart
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Whatever with
the past has gone,
The best is
always yet to come.
The older
the fiddler,
the sweeter
the tune.
Enjoy your
special day!
There is no one
in the world like you
Happy Birthday!
Hoping your birthday
Will be as special
as you are
Happy Birthday
Will All My Love
Hope all
Your wishes
Come your way
Happy Birthday!
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Holiday Greetings
A Grandpa is someone
with silver in his hair
and gold in his heart
The love of
a mother is
The greatest
gift from God
With love
on Mother's Day
And always.
May the magic
of the season
Be with you
all year!
Wishing you
peace and love
at Christmas
and always!
Happy Anniversary
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May God bless you and keep
you and may His face shine
upon you and be gracious to
you and give you peace.
Walk boldly
and wisely...
There is
a hand above
that will
help you on
For with God
nothing shall
be impossible
Faith is to believe
what you do not yet
see, the reward for
this faith is to see
what you believe
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Forever And Always,
My Heart Is Yours
You are the
love of my life
Like a fine wine,
our love grows richer
with each passing year!
Forever yours
Forever and ever
I love you!
Love is not when you know
you can live with somebody.
Love is when you know you
can't live without them...
- Faith makes
all things possible.
- Hope makes
all things work.
- Love makes
all things beautiful
Love is two hearts
beating as one
Tears may dry
Years may fly
But my love
for you
will never die
You're my everything
Without you
I'm nothing.
I'll love you
until the day
after forever
All my heart,
all my love,
for the rest
of our lives
If I had to choose
whether to breathe
or to love you,
I would use my
last breath to tell
you that... I love you
Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend
was a choice,
but falling in love
with you
was beyond my control
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on your
Confirmation Day
May Today's Success
Be the Beginning of
Tomorrow's Achievements
and Best Wishes
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In loving memory
of... (name)
The memory of
a special soul
Stays in our
hearts forever
If tears could build
A stairway,
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up
to Heaven
And bring you home again
Someone so special...
can never be forgotten
May hope and peace
be yours today
and always
Sharing in your sorrow
Thinking of you and
wishing I could be there
to hold your hand.
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