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Gold Jewelry

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I'd like to share with you a bit of information that I've found fascinating about gold jewelry. Gold Jewelry has been in our existence since "Ancient Times" and most of the knowledge we have about it has been found in grave sites -gold jewelry having been buried with the dead or actually hidden for various reasons such as war. We don't have a clear overall picture of all the various types of jewelry for every era, however, we have been able to watch the evolution of styles transform from generation to generation over thousands of years.

You can imagine what the simplest gold jewelry was made from - NATURE provided the seeds, the shells and even berries. Also consider bones and teeth of animals. here we have BEADS! Beads STILL remain the most common of all artifacts found at the archeological excavations of the earliest settlements. Progression to working with metals didn't arrive until 20,000 years LATER! Of course, Gold was the main metal used for gold jewelry in the ancient world. Why? Because it was just as it is now if you think about's shiny and doesn't tarnish like silver, it's hard to find making it more desirable. Gold jewelry is much easier to work with than copper or brass and it has the ability to withstand fire. In Ancient times gold was found in Egypt, Arabia, Spain, Ireland and the Balkans. The first gold jewelry item was panned from river beds sinking to the bottom of the pan and caught up in submerged sheepskin.

Gold used in early jewelry was not often 24 carat as long believed, but it naturally contained some silver and copper which resulted in a much paler colored metal. The early gold jewelry was made from thin sheets of gold, hammered out between layers of leather or papyrus. The techniques used are still used today...such as repousse', therefore the metal is hammered from the back using punches. Some of the earliest Metalworking techniques were simple designs such as ribbons, discs and leaf shapes that were cut from sheet gold...and they implemented such stones as lapis lazuli, cornelian and we're talking about 2500 BC here! I find it fascinating that we still want to adorn ourselves with these same stones and and how we gravitate back towards the earliest designs for our jewelry of today. However, I can't imagine a woman today wearing a garter all made of carved tones beads as did Queen Pu-abi. No way!

I believe my fascination with Egypt goes hand in hand with jewelry, as it was at the very crux of their earliest civilization that gold jewelry played a very important role. Gold Jewelry was a very important part of Egyptian every day life...for you can picture their white robes and white linen attire...IT NEEDED SOMETHING! Adornment! Color! We also know from our history classes in school that the Egyptians were heavy into funerals and rituals and burying the dead with their personal jewelry awaiting the afterlife. Well, it's because of that aspect of their culture that we've obtained the knowledge that we have about them. Even the poorest of the people were buried with a personal item of jewelry that they had worn while they were alive. The sad part is that there have been generations of grave robbers and most of what was left has been melted down or long gone for various reasons.

The most common symbol we all know was the Scarab beetles for many generations have had their 'Egyptian Revivalist' comeback with these designs implemented in their gold jewelry. There has always been this fascination with the beetle which by the way, did you KNOW it symbolized the Sun and Creation? Well, you know now, right?

Our gold jewelry pendants are the perfect gift to give in appreciation to the soon-to-be bride. They add a touch of sentimentality to a high-quality piece of gorgeous gold or sterling silver jewelry.

What's in the showcase?

Personalized Large Heart Photo Pendant

All of our gold jewelry comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and are guaranteed to be 14K Gold. They also have a lifetime guarantee against normal wear & defects.

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Small Heart Photo Pendant w/Bezel

Did you know?
We can engrave a message on the back!

script back message

Take a personal photograph of the bride herself, a special event that means something to both of you, a picture of the groom perhaps, or some other similar memorable picture and then give it to us. Using our state of the art technology, we will transfer your image onto one of our beautiful pendants. The finished result will be an extremely personalized bridal shower gift that is perfect for any bride-to-be.

Not only do gold jewelry make great gifts from a sentimental and memorable point of view, but they are also high quality, well-crafted pieces of gold jewelry. We offer many different shapes and designs in 10, 14 or 18-karat gold or sterling silver. These pendants are water-resistant and if taken care of properly, will last the lucky bride the rest of her life.

The best bridal shower gifts are the ones that are exclusively for the bride-to-be. They should reflect both personal and sentimental value and should serve as keepsakes and mementos that the new bride will cherish for the rest of her life. There is nothing that reflects these qualities more than a 14k gold jewelry item. These highly personal and elegant pieces of jewelry will more than delight the bride-to-be. Your gesture of sentimentality, love and kindness just can’t compare to one of our personalized photo pendants.

Color Engraving
Through color engraving you can have your photo permanently lasered in full color onto your gold photo pendant. This process being the most detailed. A protective jewelry enamel is added to every "color laser" pendant to ensure that every day your charm will look as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box.

Laser Engraving
Using our patented laser engraving process, we can offer you a permanent keepsake that combines your cherished memories with the beauty and appeal of gold. A combination of our trained computer experts, and our engraving machinery will engrave your pendant deeply and very detailed. The engraved process gives your gold photo pendant a hologram look that sparkles when worn.

Whether you are an old pro when it comes to collecting charms, or brand new to the hobby, our photo charms are sure to please. We offer personalized photo charms that you can collect, add to your bracelet and cherish for the rest of your life.

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