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Heartbeat Jewelry
Q: How can I get you the BabyBeat once have it?
A: Once you have the BabyBeat you have 4 different ways to send it.
Upload - You can have it scanned in the computer or you can scan it in yourself. Then, you can upload it with the order. We have an upload option when placing the order.

Email - you can email the photo over as well. A lot of the times people select this option when they either do not have the BabyBeat handy, or they have someone else do it for them. After you place the order you email the BabyBeat with the order number we give you to The website will tell you all of this as you are placing the order.

Fax - Since most BabyBeats are black and white you can even fax them in to us, although email and upload you get the best resolution from. You would place your order and select the fax option then fax your print along with the order number to 347-521-1194. The website tells you all of this as you are placing your order.

Mail - this is the slowest method, but some people just do not have the capabilities of scanning, emailing, or faxing. We do send the prints back along with the order. Just select this option then mail in your photos to our address along with the order number. The website reminds you of all of this as you are ordering.
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Q: Are the BabyBeats deep when you carve them on to the charms or pendants? Can you actually feel them?
A: Yes, the process we use is called "Laser Carving" and it´s nice and deep and you can actually feel the grooves of the BabyBeat on the medal. They will never ever wear off.
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Q: How do I know if the quality of my BabyBeats is good enough?
A: Majority of the time we spend making your jewelry is modifying the BabyBeat to ensure it looks perfect on the jewelry. In the rare circumstance that we feel the results won´t give the quality we expect we´ll alert you and request another copy.
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Q: I want to buy BabyBeats for the entire family, can I get a discount?
A: Yes, just give us a call at 877-703-1143 and let us know how many you´re interested in and we´ll gladly work with you on a better price if you´re ordering quantities.
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