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Sending Us Your Photos
The most common way of sending your photograph to us for your photo jewelry in nowadays is digitally, but some people haven't mastered this yet. We understand, so we give you 3 options of sending us your photo:
  1. Uploading with the order: (Digital files only)

    You select this option then hit the browse button and find your file on your computer to send to us

  2. E-mailing the file: (Digital files only)

    Select this option if you would like to e-mail your photo at a later time. You can e-mail files to [email protected] and include the order number you're given upon completion of the order process in the email (preferably the subject line).

  3. Mailing us your photograph: ( Paper Pictures)

    If you don't have your photo digitally you can send us your photo in the mail with the Post Office, UPS, FEDEX, DHL or any other carrier you choose. Click on the mail us your photos button and after your order is complete you'd ship us your photos along with the order number given to you upon completion of the order to:
    1639 Richmond Road
    Staten Island, NY 10304
    Att: Order Number: XXXXXXX

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