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Tinker Bell Jewelry

Tinker Bell is the magical pixie from the Peter Pan franchise. Tinker Bell is the unofficial mascot for the Walt Disney Company because she sprinkles her enchanted pixie dust over everything she touches. PicturesOnGold presents beautiful Tinker Bell jewelry that is high quality but low priced. Give Tinkerbell jewelry to a grandmother, mother, wife or young child who adores this Disney character. Our Tinker Bell charm can be paired with a matching chain so Tink can be carried around all day. Our 14k Gold Tinker Bell pendant is a beauty addition to any jewelry collection. Tinker Bell has come to symbolize the magic of Disney as her pixie dust can make people if they believe. Buy Disney Tinker Bell Earrings, Tinker Bell Necklace and Tinker Bell Bracelets and give a perfect gift to that person who never wants to grow up.

PicturesOnGold presents great Tinker Bell jewelry but we also have a wide selection of other Disney characters like Cinderella jewelry,Mickey Mouse jewelry and Winnie the Pooh jewelry.
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