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Picture Lockets

All jewelry lockets can hold paper photos or be engraved with a photo inside. Unique photo lasering process is 100% waterproof and scratchproof. Upload, E-mail, Or Mail in your photos.

Claddagh Lockets and Irish Lockets

For Irish heart shaped locket styles and other Irish locket jewelry look no further than right here. More than 30 Irish and Claddagh styles of jewelry are available. For those of Irish descent or just fascination, here you will find a large variety of heart shaped locket styles, silver heart lockets and round locket pendants with Irish and Claddagh symbols and themes. Irish heart lockets feature symbols such as the cloverleaf, Celtic knot, the Celtic cross, Claddagh and more. Irish heart shaped locket styles are available as silver heart lockets, 14k white gold heart lockets and 14k yellow gold heart lockets. Also available are 14k white gold round lockets and round silver lockets. You can have your personal photos lasered in to the heart locket, silver heart locket or round locket. Each of our Irish heart shaped lockets, silver heart lockets and Irish round lockets come with gift packaging included.
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