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Mother's Day Jewelry Ideas

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For a sister, other relative, or friend who is a young mom, your choice pieces of Mother's Day jewelry should both be functional and refreshing. A mom in her twenties can get away with playful and cute Mother's Day jewelry because of her relatively young age. In her stage of life, mother's jewelry doesn't have to be big matronly pieces that will only make her look far older than she really is, a small heart locket or other small locket necklace can compliment a young mother nicely.

Mother's Day Gifts for More Than Just Mom's

For a mom in her thirties, her mothers jewelry should be more on elegance and less on cuteness. Of course this doesnt mean that her jewelry collection should be made up of somber pieces. Its just means that she should make the gradual transition from young mothers jewelry to the mature mothers jewelry. Locket necklaces offer more elegant styles and customization options. A Mothers Day heart locket necklace with an engraving of her children or her and her husband maybe more fitting for a mother in this stage of life. The mantra "dress for your age" is not limited to clothes; it also covers accessories, and that includes Mother's Day jewelry gift ideas.

Once a mom is in her forties, cute, fun, and playful pieces of Mothers Day jewelry are more or less out of the question. This mothers jewelry collection should now be made of pieces that are beautiful in a refined, sophisticated way because at this age, she is at the top of her career. When buying a gift for a mom in her forties, think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys, and of her string of perfectly round white pearls and a matching pair of pearl earrings. Locket necklaces and heart locket jewelry are very elegant pieces of Mothers Day jewelry.

If youre planning to give mothers jewelry to a woman in her late fifties, sixties, and beyond, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to making choices.

You can choose pieces of Mother's Day jewelry, locket necklaces and heart locket jewelry that are colorful, chunky, and bold without being tacky and trendy. It's still important that the feel of timelessness and the look of class are both retained.

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