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Women's Custom Swiss QuartzLine Photo Laser Watch

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Photo Engraving
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a) Photo Inserting Method


Our advanced machinery will imprint your picture in more of a black and white tone. Compare this process to more of a grey scale newspaper print.
Note: You can always order your Watch without a photos and then send it back later to have the photos lasered in.

b) Sending your photos

Digital Files Requirements

You can upload image files up to a total files size of 25MB

Front Side Photo
One picture is required, two or more is optional
Please do not crop the pictures. On the last step we provide a "special instructions" box for you to tell us how to adjust your photos
d) PHOTO PROOF via e-mail before lasering

Instructions to your Order
You'll be able to add "special instructions" about your photographs to your order later. For ex: Bring people closer together. Remove Background. Remove red eye, etc.

Photo Proof add + $1.95
Yes, email me a proof before engraving
A proof will be emailed within a few hours after placing the order. You can accept it or request adjustments
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Step 3. Message Engraving - We can engrave standard text (block or script) or monogram inside your Watch
Message Engraved on the REVERSE side: add + $20.00
Select Message Format:
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Step 4. Add To Cart
Do You Have Any Special Instructions For Your Order?
Please specify any special instructions,
e.g. if you would like one person within your photo and just a head shot.
Please note: We remove all backgrounds to make your photo stand out. Also, we usually do just the head, neck, and shoulders of your image. If people are spaced too far apart in the photo, we move them closer together. Let us know if you require something different.
For Paper Photo we leave the background of the picture in.
Add to Cart >>
Depends on your internet connection speed and files size, it may take a minute or more to upload your photos.
Note: pressing "add to cart" button more than once may cause photos uploading interruption and cart error
Why Choose Laser Photo Engraving
Our exclusive color laser process is patented and can only be found at
# # #
Photo Laser Engraving
Experience the vividness of memories like never before. The sharpness of every detail in your photos is preserved, so you can relive the moment with every glance.
Lifetime Guarantee
Your memories are forever, and your jewelry should be too. Laser Photos are made with the latest technology to ensure they last as long as your memories do.
Next Day Delivery
Get your locket faster than ever as soon as tomorrow! Experience the unheard-of combination of customization and speed.

There is no more unique and timeless gift than a Custom Photo Engraved Watch. These are not your average Custom Watches as the quality is mocked up after watches such as Movado, Rolex & Tag Heuer with an unprecedented Swiss Movement and Solid Sapphire Crystal. Each Custom Dial is "digitally sketched" by our "Certified Artist" and laser carved to create a unique holographic and subtle look that defines appreciation of your cherished dynasty.

How Your One Of a Kind Watch is Created-

  • Upload, Email, or Mail in any photograph.
  • Each Photo is looked over by our Graphic Artists to ensure that you will receive maximum quality into your custom time piece.
  • Our graphic Artists then do digital touch ups to ensure that the photo fits your watch dial perfectly. They will then begin digitally enhancing the photograph by removing any imperfections, removing any objects or persons not requested in the photograph and maneuvering the persons in the photo so that they can be easily visible in your custom watch.
  • The photo will then be moved on to Our "Certified Hand Artist" and he will then digitally "hand sketch" your photograph and highlight the beauty of each individual portrait.
  • Our High Definition Laser Carving then creates an "Intaglio" style deep engraving of your image and the dial is inserted into your watch creating your one of a kind timepiece.
  • We then laser engrave your unique identification number and artists signature on the back of the watch
  • The watch is then thoroughly tested and then set in one of our Beautiful Leather Watch Box for easy gift giving.

  • Special Features:

    Dial or Face is Made of Solid 14k Gold Or Sterling Silver.
    Proudly Made in The USA.
    Dial Measures 25mm(1 Inch)
    High Quality Swiss Movement- Comparable to Rolex, Movado etc.
    Genuine Sapphire Crystal- Comparable to Rolex, Movado etc.
    Water tested to 10 ATM (100 meters/330 feet)
    Solid Stainless steel case
    Solid Stainless steel bracelet
    Diver security lock buckle
    Available in Three Different Tones
    Perfect For Logo Jewelry
    Substitute A Photo for a Message, Initial, or Monogram
    High Line Leather Watch Box
    Each Watch comes with a uniquely signed & numbered "Certificate of Authenticity" card that states our lifetime guarantee and proof that you've received a genuine "Avenil" product.
    Three Year Guarantee On Watch & Lifetime guarantee On Photo Dial
    Available in Three Different Tones
    Orders require 0 business days for production, before shipping.
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    Picture Pendant Questions
    Q: Is there a refund/return policy? It looks really good on the net, but what if I am not satisified with the product?
    A:  If you are not happy with the product we have a "No Questions" asked money back guarantee. If you´re not happy simply let us know and we´ll either make it right or give you your money back in full.

    Q: What format do you need the photo in? Any specifications about the file size?
    A:  Photo uploading supported file formats - GIF, JPG, PNG
    You can upload files up to a total files size of 5MB

    Q: Can I wear the pendant at all times? Is it waterproof? Do you ship to the UK?
    A:  Yes, everything we make is 100% waterproof. Yes, we ship to UK as well.

    Q: Do you only do color engraving portraits or do you also do gold engraving portraits?
    A:  Yes, we offer both. You´ll see the option for it once you scroll down when you click on the item. It´s more of a hologram look to it.

    Q: Do you have a store location where the picture pendants can be viewed?
    A:  Yes, we do have a retail location. The address is
    1639 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10304

    Q: If a photo is sepia tones, will that turn out?
    A:  If it´s sepia tone it will come out Sepia tone. We can convert to black and white for you if you don´t want sepia tone but it does come out really nice that way.

    Q: I already have a pendant. Do you offer just the laser imprint service?
    A:  Yes we offer to have your photo lasered on your pendant. We charge $75 to laser your photo on your own custom item. Click Here to Order

    Q: Can you do old black and white pictures? And if you can does it matter if it comes on gold or silver? Thanks for your time
    A:  Yes, we can do the old black and white photos. I suggest the color process for that as it comes out in like an antique finish. I like how it comes out on both yellow and white gold, but for some reason in my opinion it really stands out on the white gold.

    Q: Is it possible to use a picture with a space between the two people in the photo? Also, is it possible to engrave something on the other side of the pendant, for example, a cross... Thank you.
    A:  We digitally enhance your photos and can bring the two people close together in the photograph. There´s a special instructions box upon placing the order so that you can add any special requests. We can engrave a cross on the reverse side, again just let us know in the same box provided and we´ll take care of it for you.

    Q: Is there a lifetime warranty?
    A:  Since we are manufactures and stand by our product we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee. The items also come with a certificate of authenticity stating that guarantee with your own unique code.

    Q: I had purchased a picture on silver pendant roughly two years ago..the pendant seems to be yellowing, it is worn all the time. Can you tell me what I should clean it with that is safe. Thanks
    A:  Normal silver cleaner will be safe, or you can try acetone. Give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.

    Q: I have just started looking for lockets. I like the idea of having the picture laser engraved. Do you have to buy one of your lockets to have this done or could I send you a locket I already have?
    A:  You can send in a locket you already own, pricing depends on the size and the metal. Sterling Silver is normally around $50 and 14k gold is around $75 each picture. You can send the photos along with the locket to: 1634 E. Elizabeth Ave
    Linden, NJ 07036

    Q: How long will it take to receive my photo pendant or photo locket?
    A:  We normally ship your Photo Pendant or Photo Locket within 1 day.

    Q: Whats the difference between Color Laser & your engraving method?
    A:  Color Laser: Your photo in full color permanently lasered onto your charm. This process being the most detailed. We´ve had customers say, "My pendant actually looks better than the photo." A protective jewelry enamel is added to every "color laser" pendant to ensure that every day your charm will look as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box.
    Engraving: A combination of our trained computer experts, and our engraving machinery will engrave your pendant deeply and very detailed. The engraved process gives your pendant a hologram look that sparkles when worn.

    Q: How can I send you my photos?
    A:  You have 3 options of sending us your photos, each of which will be explained to you during checkout.
    1) Upload your photos to our website after checkout.
    2) E-mailing your photos to us.
    3) Shipping your photos to us to:
    Pictures On
    1634 E. Elizabeth Ave
    Linden, NJ 07036
    Please make sure to include your Order Number

    Q: Can my photo pendant be done in other fine metals?
    A:  Yes, our photo pendants are also available in Sterling Silver & White Gold. Please see our pricing and picture jewelry items for complete details.

    Q: Can a person or object be cut out of the picture?
    A:  We can crop out any person or any object. There is a "special instructions" section in the checkout for you to provide us with any requests you have with your pendant.

    Q: What if one picture is larger than the other picture? Can they be put together?
    A:  Yes, we can engrave any picture any size up to 8 1/2 X 11. Just send the pictures and let our technicians handle the rest.

    Q: Can I have two entirely different pictures together on one photo pendant?
    A:  Yes, our computer technicians can merge any number of pictures onto one pendant. However, we do charge an additional $10 per Photo. You will be able to select this option upon checkout.

    Q: Will my pictures be returned?
    A:  Yes, your pictures will be returned in the exact condition they were given, along with your new photo pendant or other custom picture jewelry piece.

    Q: Does it matter what kind of picture I use for photo pendants or picture jewelry?
    A:  No. Photographs can be 35mm, 110, studio shots, even slides or Polaroids. They can also be in color or black and white. We cannot, however, create a color image from a black and white photograph and we cannot use a negative when creating your photo pendant.

    # #
    High Quality Chain Choices
    Pair your locket with our fashionable high quality chain choices when ordering.
    Message Engraving
    Add a personal touch to your jewelry with custom message engravings.
    Gifting Made Easy
    We take pride in presenting our products with a touch of sophistication, packaged in a tastefully designed gift box. Our aim is to provide you with a hassle-free gift-giving experience that reflects the importance of your relationships with your loved ones
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